Founded in 2011, The Salt and Light Preservation Centre is a registered Charitable Institution under the Hong Kong Inland Revenue Department (91/11287).  Its mission is to conserve and promote the culture and ecology of Yim Tin Tsai.

Yim Tin Tsai (Sai Kung) is one of the very few Hakka villages with a rich Catholic heritage.  The island was settled by members of the Hakka Chan clan 300 years ago.  All villagers of Yim Tin Tsai were baptized by 1875 and the descendants remain Catholic until now.

The chapel on the island, St. Joseph’s Chapel, was inaugurated and blessed in 1890, and is the most well-preserved rural Roman Catholic chapel in Hong Kong.  A typical example of Romanesque Revival style architecture, this unique chapel received the Award of Merit from UNESCO Asia-Pacific Awards for Cultural Heritage Conservation in 2005.  Subsequently, in 2015, the project of revitalization of the salt pans of Yim Tin Tsai was even listed in the Asia-Pacific Heritage Awards (Award of Distinction) by UNESCO.